About us

Viva Medis is a developer and distributor of food supplements and cosmetics products. Since 2012 customers have trusted us to provide high quality formulas and nutritional supplement to improve your intimate problems naturally (fertility, proctology and menopause) in various European countries. To help you lead healthy and happy life.

Innovative. Family owned. 

At Viva Medis we understand that the highest quality possible and effective solutions are crucial so we invest intensively in food supplement developed and manufacture our products in the state-of-the-art production lines under current Good Manufacturing Practices, certified to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 22716. 

Quality is not just a word for us.

Every step of the manufact
uring process is closely monitored so we are proud to present the products that can be fully trusted. We take great pride and care in how we select, source and test our ingredients for each of our supplement. 

Our goal is to provide a full support to our partners to achieve mutual success. Cooperation therefore not includes only reliable supply of the products but also a full support in creative marketing solutions, selling process etc. 

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Official distributor of Viva Medis products for Europe is: Prima Medis ltd., Zasavska cesta 40b, 1231 Ljubljana, SI- EU (info@fertilup.com / info@hemosens.com)

Italy: SorrentiHealthCare Srl (info@sorrentihealthcare.com
The Netherlands & Belgium: Orly Pharma (info@orlypharma.com
Croatia: Viva Medis d.o.o. (info@fertilup-hrvatska.com / info@hemosens-hrvatska.com)